Thursday, April 13, 2017

Daily Corrections Clips


Seth Nidever, The Sentinel

HANFORD – As Corcoran prepares for the possibility of flooding, the question has come up: Where would Charles Manson and the thousands of other hardened criminals be taken to if the prisons were evacuated?

There's been some concern that the state might try to take inmates to the Kings Fairgrounds, according to Joe Neves, Kings County Office of Emergency Services director.

"That was a plan that they had a few years ago, and we kind of complained about it," Neves said. "I'm not sure if they ever adjusted that."

Neves said there is "no way" county officials would support putting prisoners on the fairgrounds.


Anabel Munoz, abc

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. (KABC) -- Many women laughed over lunch, combed each other's hair and played on a swing set. They spent years in prison cells before calling a Santa Fe Springs facility their home and each other family.

The Custody to Community Transitional Re-entry Program is one of several state facilities where dozens of women, including those with violent offenses, can finish their prison sentences.


Students lobby Sacramento State to divest from businesses that benefit from for-profit incarceration
Scott Thomas Anderson, Sacramento News & Review

A bill to end California’s reliance on for-profit prisons jumped a major hurdle last week, passing the Assembly Public Safety Committee just days before students demanded that Sacramento State University divest its financial ties to those very corporations.

According to Assemblyman Rob Bonta, California is still contracting to house 6,000 state inmates inside private prisons.

“I don’t agree with this philosophy,” Bonta told fellow lawmakers on April 4. “These companies have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to maximize profits around incarceration.”