Monday, May 22, 2017

Daily Corrections Clips


Jazmine Ulloa, The Los Angeles Times

A Los Angeles-based nonprofit is claiming California prison officials have undermined last fall’s ballot measure to overhaul the state’s parole process by excluding sex offenders from consideration for early release.

The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws, which advocates for the rights of those convicted of sex crimes and their families, says the exemption — written into newly released guidelines to implement Proposition 57 — “impermissibly restricts and impairs the scope” of the initiative.


David Hernandez, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Two prison officers were indicted this week on unrelated allegations of smuggling cellphone, drugs and tobacco products into an Imperial County prison in exchange for money.

Officer Gabriel Villagomez, 38, is accused of soliciting bribes from Centinela state prison inmates and their associates. He received at least $41,000 to smuggle cellphones and tobacco products into the facility, according to an indictment filed in San Diego federal court.


Dana Littlefield, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Even moments before he got up on stage, Stephen Davis wasn’t entirely sure he was going to go through with it.

But there he was, standing in front of a couple hundred people in an activity room at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility — just off the A yard — talking about overcoming obstacles, rising to a challenge and finding one’s purpose in life.

“I’m engaging, seizing my life. I’m making it my own,” said Davis, explaining to the crowd how he mustered the nerve to step on stage, when not so long ago just the thought of delivering his own TED talk had been “terrifying.”

Ben Deci, FOX 40 News

"God. How weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable, seem to me all the uses of this world."

When Shakespeare wrote "All the World's a Stage," he couldn't have imagined this one -- the California State Prison, Solano. Could he?

"I think he would really dig this," inmate Joey Pagaduan said.

For nearly nine months now, the men of this prison have been rehearsing Shakespeare's Hamlet. Saturday it was show time.

Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, KPCC

Omar Chavez spent 12 years after high school attending college on and off. When the 2012 spring semester began he made a choice that would bring his higher education to a screeching stop.

“I was caught with drugs crossing the border,” he said.

He spent nearly two years in federal prison in Oregon. While there, he became determined to change bad habits and go back to college.

Gail Marshall, The Fresno Bee

The confetti poppers exploded and a tissue-paper storm showered the dozens of graduates at Fresno State’s Department of Social Work Education commencement Friday morning.

Arnold Trevino, 51, of Strathmore also had a few rainbow-colored paper shreds dotting his ebony graduation gown here and there, and a couple of pieces got caught on the honor-student’s medallions. But he paid them no mind. He was too busy hugging his classmates as they put the last flourish on a series of celebrations.


Alayna Shulman , Record Searchlight

It’s a literal power struggle.

If you’re homeless, where do you charge the ankle monitor a judge has ordered you to wear?

Businesses accuse you of stealing power and scaring away their customers. The city cut off power to some major downtown spots over similar concerns.

But there’s one city-run facility that couldn’t function without being connected to the grid. And city officials aren’t happy local parole agents tell some of the sex offenders they oversee to use the outlets there – “certainly not a service that we are promoting,” Redding Community Services Director Kim Niemer said.


"It's an epidemic."
Randy DeSoto, Western Journalism

Modeling legend Fabio Lanzoni took California Gov. Jerry Brown to task for supporting recently-passed Prop 57 that releases convicted criminals early (including rapists and child molesters), particularly in light of the difficulty for law abiding citizens to obtain guns to protect themselves.

The Italian born model, 58, told NRATV that crime has become an epidemic in the Golden State and that Prop 57 is only going to make matters worse.