Thursday, March 2, 2017

Daily Corrections Clips


Richard Winton, The Los Angeles Times

A Los Angeles gang member was charged Wednesday with capital murder in the deaths of his cousin and a Whittier police officer during a morning of deadly violence last week in which authorities allege he also wounded another police officer.

Michael C. Mejia, 26, a convicted felon with a history of drugs and violent criminal activity, is accused of killing his cousin, Roy Torres, in the early hours of Feb. 20 in East Los Angeles before fleeing with Torres’ car and crashing  into two other vehicles at a Whittier intersection.

When Police Officers Keith Boyer, 53, and Patrick Hazell came to the scene of the accident, they ordered Mejia out of his car, and he opened fire as they approached him, prosecutors allege.

David Hunn, Houston Chronicle

Pete Hefflin was a leader of the Texas environmental movement. He fought against pipeline companies, decried corporate greed, and helped open the largest protest camp in West Texas aimed at blocking the Trans-Pecos pipeline.

But as Hefflin talked about protecting sensitive natural resources for the future, he was hiding his past. This week, at a pipeline protest in Presidio County, sheriff's deputies arrested him, fingerprinted him and confirmed that they had in custody not Pete Hefflin, but Pedro Rabago Gutierrez, a man arrested and imprisoned multiple times in California for serious crimes - rape and drug dealing among them - before fleeing the state at least 10 years ago as a wanted man.

The US Department of Justice

Ten federal indictments unsealed today charge 55 defendants with crimes ranging from money laundering to heroin, methamphetamine and firearms trafficking in what officials have described as one of the most significant crackdowns in recent memory.

The defendants, including prominent drug dealers and documented gang members, were responsible for supplying a substantial portion of the heroin and methamphetamine distributed in North County, California.

Early this morning, more than 150 members of the North County Regional Gang Task Force plus other law enforcement agencies made numerous arrests and during the course of the investigation searched more than 20 locations in Oceanside, Vista and elsewhere in North County in California as well as Kingman, Arizona.