Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Daily Corrections Clips


Bob Egelko, The San Francisco Chronicle

In a ruling that could affect hundreds of cases, a state appeals court said Monday that a ballot proposition requiring juvenile court judges, rather than prosecutors, to decide whether a youth should be tried as an adult applies to charges filed before the measure passed in November.

The measure, Proposition 57, sponsored by Gov. Jerry Brown, was approved by 64 percent of the state’s voters. Its best-known provision allowed early parole hearings for prisoners serving long terms for crimes that the law defined as nonviolent. Monday’s ruling involved a separate section that reduced prosecutors’ authority to charge juveniles in adult court.


The Orange County Register

Crime has been rising in many Southern California cities after years of improvement, leaving policymakers grasping for explanations and solutions.

What is causing the recent upticks in crime?

That’s our Question of the Week for Opinion page readers.

Crime trends differ from place to place, but many are similar to what statistics show in the city of Los Angeles, where a 10 percent rise in violent crime from 2015 to 2016 marked the third consecutive annual increase.