Friday, February 3, 2017

Daily Corrections Clips


Sean J Longoria, Record Searchlight

It could be another eight months before Shasta County feels the impact of Proposition 57, the voter-approved initiative to expand parole eligibility and time credits for prison inmates.

But the best guesses by state officials on upcoming releases and paroles aren’t as dire as some of the measure's opponents predicted. Law enforcement officials, in particular, had said it could open the gates to thousands.


Program allows prisoners to develop a skill set to participate in technology jobs in the real world
By Maryann Reid, Black Enterprise

The Last Mile throws out the window what a tech accelerator is supposed to look like. This six-month entrepreneurship program at San Quentin correctional facility has generated a groundswell of support for criminal justice across America.

It transitions groups of inmates into self-empowered, technically savvy, kick-ass entrepreneurs and community members.