Friday, February 10, 2017

Daily Corrections Clips


"He's going to skate through life," former Dokken guitarist George Lynch says of frontman convicted in murder-for-hire plot
Althea Legaspi, RollingStone

Tim Lambesis, the frontman for metalcore band As I Lay Dying, has been released from prison, Alternative Press reports. In 2014 Lambesis was convicted for his role in a murder-for-hire plot to kill his estranged wife, Meggan Lambesis. Former Dokken guitarist George Lynch revealed the news of Lambesis' early release in an interview that surfaced on Thursday.

Lambesis was discharged on December 17th to the Division of Adult Parole Operations, Alternative Press confirmed with a rep from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.


Blake Ursch, World-Herald

In the old photo, a teenage boy smiles as he grips a judge’s hand.

“Charles Manson, 14, a ‘dead end kid’ who has lived in an emotional ‘blind alley’ most his life, is happy today,” reads the Indianapolis News story from March 1949. “He’s going to Boys Town.”

Today, few Omahans know that Manson, the infamous cult leader convicted of orchestrating the 1969 murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others in California, spent a brief stint at Father Edward Flanagan’s children’s home. Details of his time here are scarce. Manson ran away after just a few days.

But Lawson McDowell, a 66-year-old local author and retired director of network operations at Union Pacific, spent more than a year corresponding with the imprisoned Manson, researching his historical fiction book, “Before He Became a Monster: A Story of Charles Manson’s Time at Father Flanagan’s Boys Town,” published in 2013.


Alex MacLean, The Union Democrat

Many employers in the Mother Lode say the perception that the rural area is lacking job opportunities doesn’t match up with the reality on the ground.

In fact, there are plenty of openings at a variety of businesses and government agencies throughout the area as evidenced by the number of those looking to fill positions at The Union Democrat Job Fair held Thursday afternoon at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds in Sonora.

“We have a board at our center that’s about 6 feet by 4 feet and almost always filled with jobs,” said Lisa Edwards, a career counselor for Mother Lode Job Training, who was at the event to assist job seekers and raise awareness about their services.

Erica Bautista is an employee of California Department of Corrections
Troy Pope, Your Central Valley

CHOWCHILLA, Calif. - The mother of the child who was killed after another child got a hold of her gun in Chowchilla on Jan. 13 has been charged with felony manslaughter and child abuse, the Madera County District Attorney's Office said Thursday.

Charges were filed against Erica Bautista, of Chowchilla, who is an employee of California Department of Corrections working at Valley State Prison.


Napa Valley Register

They simply are not content to leave Californians alone, these once-murderous followers of racist guru Charles Manson, who has himself tried and failed 12 times to get parole.

Like a plague that’s all but impossible to eradicate, the multiple members of this killing crew keep trying to win their freedom. Some have become prison preachers and academic stars while behind bars. Others have more or less vegetated. But their consistent theme as they try for freedom is “We’re old now, and harmless; let us go.”