Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Daily Corrections Clips



Today we have a rare opportunity to hear from the men in the San Quentin Wednesday Night Creative Writing Class, in a live storytelling event inside the prison's education center.

This piece was adapted from an episode of the podcast Life of the Law. The event was a co-production of the creative writing program Brothers in Pen at San Quentin State Prison and Life of the Law, which is produced by Nancy Mullane.

George Gale, KXO

($14.5 million in awards distributed)…The grants were distributed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

The CDCRC says the grants are to expand Rehabilitative Programs. The Calipatria State Prison will use their grant for their Anti-Recidivism Coalition, the Place 4 Grace Program, Giving Back to Lifers, Mothers with a message and their Prison Education Project. The Centinela State Prison will use their grant monies for the Old Globe-Reflecting Shakespeare program, Anti-recidivism coalition, Giving back to lifers, and Mothers with a message. The grants are funded from the CDCR general fund, and awarded in two phases, 50 % each phase.


Starting with the revival of the inmate-run newspaper, the media hub now includes podcast producers and a video team
Rebecca Greenway, NBC

For four years, Antwan Williams has been hustling inside the walls of San Quentin State Prison — hustling for stories.

Williams, an inmate at San Quentin, recently became an award-winning co-producer of a podcast called "Ear Hustle," which focuses on the life of inmates, including those living in solitary confinement.

"Our goal is to show what life really is like within prison — and it's not to highlight or to diminish the crimes we have committed, but it is just to show what life is really like within here," Williams said.

Gary Klien, Marin Independent Journal

A state appeals court reversed two rape convictions for a San Rafael child molester, but the ruling will not change the length of his sentence.

Walter Wilfo Mazariegos, 37, was arrested in December 2014 after an investigation by the San Rafael Police Department. Authorities alleged he molested the 12-year-old daughter of a girlfriend.

Mazariegos pleaded not guilty to numerous sex crimes and took the case to trial. He testified that the girl sexually assaulted him, not the other way around, according to the prosecution.

Ryan McCarthy, Daily Republic

FAIRFIELD — A Solano State Prison inmate’s lawsuit naming the California Department of Corrections for injuries sustained playing basketball at the prison in Vacaville is set for a March 3 case management conference.

Hamilton Warren Green, 54, said in a Solano County Superior Court filing that his wrists were injured in the June 1, 2015, incident.


Foon Rhee, The Sacramento Bee

Progressive California is ahead of the nation on nearly all the big issues of the day: climate change, immigration, environmental protection and more.

But on the death penalty, not so much.

In 2016, California imposed the most death sentences – nine – of any state. Texas – often California’s foil – only recorded four, and only three other states had more than one.