Friday, July 15, 2016

Daily Corrections Clips


Miriam Hernandez, KABC

A Los Angeles County inmate who killed a man while driving drunk on the 210 Freeway in Azusa is attempting to right his wrong by helping to raise money for the victim's family.

Justin Romo, 19, was killed when Tyler Thompson drove the wrong way down the 210 Freeway in the early morning hours of Aug. 9, 2014.

Tyler Thompson, now 26, originally pleaded not guilty to the felony charge, but later pleaded no contest and apologized to Romo's family in court.


Anshu Siripurapu, Sacramento Bee

Members of the California Association of Psychiatric Technicians who work at the Department of State Hospitals in Stockton are holding an “informational picket and rally” to protest what they believe is an unsafe use of overtime by the hospital.

The hospital treats inmates in California prisons who have major mental illnesses that prevent them from being in the general prison population. Psychiatric technicians provide hands-on care to the patient-inmates.

“We’re exhausted. It’s tiring. 16 hours is a lot to work in a day,” Jamila O’Neal, a technician at the hospital and the president of CAPT’s Stockton chapter said Thursday, “A lot of us have families to go home to and they’re suffering.”


Miriam Hernandez, KABC

A renewed debate on the death penalty kicked off Thursday as anti-execution advocates announced their campaign for Proposition 62.

The core issue is how to punish the "worst of the worst." The measure abolishes the death penalty in California, and instead makes the maximum penalty for murder life in prison without possibility of parole.

It would also apply to those already sentenced to death row.