Friday, June 10, 2016

Daily Corrections Clips


Don Thompson, The Fresno Bee


California prison officials must let transgender inmates have more female-oriented commissary items including nightgowns, robes, sandals, scarves and necklaces as part of a settlement that will make California the first state to pay for an inmate's sex reassignment surgery, a federal judge ruled Thursday.

Aside from providing the surgery for 56-year-old Shiloh Quine, the state agreed in August to provide some items to transgender inmates such as Quine who are housed in men's prisons.

Patrick Edgell, CBS

Note: CDCR played a key role in this investigation.

CORONA, Calif. - More than 30 people with ties to two criminal street gangs were arrested Thursday and dozens of guns were seized, along with illegal drugs and other contraband, in a series of raids carried out in Corona and surrounding locations as part of a local and state operation to crack down on
firearms trafficking.

``Today's joint operation and this entire investigation has been a great success due to the dedication and bravery of all the law enforcement agencies and personnel involved,'' Corona police Chief Mike Abel said.



Folsom prison inmates spend their morning raising money for the American Cancer Society.


Deuce is finding out what it means for these inmates to help fight cancer together.


The Associated Press

SUSANVILLE, Calif. (AP) - Officials say six correctional officers were injured at a remote Northern California prison when they were attacked by an inmate.

They say 36-year-old Desmond Karon Walls stabbed one High Desert State Prison guard on his cheek, face, head and hand with an inmate-made weapon on Thursday.

Chris Mcguinness, New Times

The union representing teachers in California’s correctional facilities is negotiating a new contract with the state, but some members worry that their pleas to address salary parity are being ignored.

In particular, some members are pushing the union, SEIU Local 1000, to change the pay structure that applies to educators in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

“Really it breaks down to the concept of equal pay and equal work,” said W. Dean Diederich, a teacher at the California Men’s Colony (CMC) who’s been an educator for the state for 11 years.


The Man in Black performed for prisoners in 1969, singing this Bob Dylan co-write
Stephen L. Betts, Rolling Stone

By the mid-1960s, renegade country singer Johnny Cash's personal and professional lives were becoming increasingly erratic. His record sales were in a slump, his addiction to prescription pills helped destroy his first marriage to Vivian Liberto, mother of Cash's four daughters, and he was arrested for various misdemeanors, including an October 1965 bust in Texas when narcotics officers found more than 1,110 tablets and capsules hidden in his guitar case. While picking wildflowers five months earlier in Starkville, Mississippi, Cash was arrested for trespassing. While none of the arrests led to more than a single night behind bars, Cash began to turn his life around with the help of singer-comedienne June Carter, whom he would marry on March 1st, 1968.