Monday, April 25, 2016

Daily Corrections Clips


Special medical training gives officers 'first aid on steroids'
Key Budge, Tehachapi News

California City recently hosted specialized police medical training for several local law enforcement agencies, including Tehachapi Police, to give officers more tools to deal with medical emergencies during the first critical minutes after life-threatening injuries.

“The problem we have in east Kern is the normal travel time is about an hour to the nearest trauma center. So we have that golden hour to help somebody until we can get them to a trauma center,” said California City Police Chief Eric Hurtado.
Filmmaker Spends 7 Years Documenting Life Inside Soledad Prison
Sasha Khokha, The California Report

Usually, when journalists try to get into a prison to talk to inmates, we’re lucky if we’re able to get a few minutes for an interview with a “model prisoner.”  But Noel Schwerin talked her way into spending seven years filming inside Soledad prison, with unprecedented access to both inmates and prison staff.

Schwerin’s documentary “In An Ideal World” brings us an intimate portrait from inside inmates’ cells, meetings between the warden and prisoners, and the halls of the prison, even during lockdowns. It’s first national broadcast debuts Tuesday, April 26 on the public television show America Reframed.


Helping San Quentin inmates navigate life after prison
Joyce Tsai, East Bay Times

SAN QUENTIN, CALIF. - In January, when John Johnson's feet touched the ground outside San Quentin State Prison, it seemed surreal to him that he could finally be, at long last, a free man.

After serving more than 30 years in prison for stabbing a man to death in Oakland, he wasn't sure what he'd be coming home to.
Get On The Bus Marks 16th Year Uniting Children With Fathers in Prison
Center for Restorative Justice Works

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - April 25, 2016) - The Center for Restorative Justice Works (CRJW) will kick off the 16th anniversary of its flagship program Get On The Bus, reuniting hundreds of children with their incarcerated fathers to celebrate Father's Day 2016.
Over 600 children and their caregivers will board 24 buses for Father's Day celebrations.

State court rules prisoners can’t be punished for hunger strike
Bob Egelko, San Francisco Gate

A state appeals court says a California prisoner who took part in a mass hunger strike protesting long-term solitary confinement should not have been punished for disorderly behavior because he did not disrupt prison operations or endanger anyone.

Prop 47 paperwork tapering off
1,640 petitions filed in Kings County court
Mike Eiman, The Sentinel

The Kings County Superior Court’s workload is back to normal following a months-long deluge of paperwork related to Proposition 47.

California voters approved Proposition 47 on Nov. 4, 2014. The law, which reclassified certain theft and drug possession crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, went into effect the following day.

Manson Family killers should never leave jail
John Phillips, Orange County Register

The death penalty is an issue that a lot of people struggle with, often because it lands at the intersection of religion and political ideology.

It’s an easy call for me, because I think of capital punishment as the only truly moral resolution to some of the most heinous and immoral acts.

Prop. 47 may have given the sheriff more power to manage his jails. Or not. The county needs an answer
Los Angeles Times Editorial Board

Who runs the Los Angeles County jails? It's a more complicated question than it might appear. It's also a crucial question, going to the heart of the county's effort to combat rising crime, wisely manage its resources, make its own policies and balance the powers that the law and voters parcel out among elected officials. And because of Proposition 47, the initiative that changed six felonies into misdemeanors and drastically reduced jail overcrowding, it's a very current and pressing question. Credit Supervisor Sheila Kuehl for asking it, and the Board of Supervisors for demanding an answer by May 10.