Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Daily Corrections Clips


Paige St. John, The Los Angeles Times

With the debate over capital punishment in California poised to intensify again in 2016, state corrections officials provided a rare glimpse Tuesday of death row, where hundreds of condemned men await the outcome of legal and political fights that have blocked any executions for nearly a decade.

Corrections Secretary Jeffrey Beard previously denied access to death row, telling The Times it would be too dangerous. But this month he ruled that "there is a legitimate interest" and allowing media access "makes good sense." On Tuesday, nearly two dozen media members were allowed on portions of death row for about six hours.

Howard Mintz, Contra Costa Times News

SAN QUENTIN -- A dozen years ago, state prison officials opened up this infamous death row for a tour to demonstrate the crumbling, overcrowded cells housing the 600 killers then awaiting execution.

Puddles of water sat on the cold, dank floors, as California leaders worried that the nation's largest death row would run out of space.

On Tuesday, prison officials unlocked death row for media inspection once again -- and it seemed time had stopped.

Evan Sernoffsky, SF Gate

It’s both a lonely and crowded world inside the country’s largest Death Row, where hundreds of condemned inmates, stripped of nearly every freedom, wait around to die.

But for the more than 700 of the most notorious killers warehoused alone in cells in San Quentin State Prison, death likely won’t come at the end of a needle in the facility’s lethal-injection chamber.

That’s because nearly a decade ago, a federal judge placed a moratorium on capital punishment in California — bringing to a halt all executions.


Record SearchLight

Escaped inmate Daniel Fidler, 42, was located by the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department around 9:10 a.m. this morning after a call from a citizen reporting a man matching the escapee’s description.

Fidler was the passenger in a pickup traveling from the Horse Creek area to Redding, according to law enforcement.

Siskiyou County deputies Joe Hopper, Rich Ortiz and Sheriff Jon Lopey observed the vehicle and made a felony stop, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.


The Press Enterprise

A 38-year-old parolee who was arrested in fatal shootings Wednesday, Dec. 23, in Colton and in Moreno Valley, as well as taking a hostage early the next day in San Diego, was acting paranoid prior to his arrest, authorities said.

“He was paranoid and thought people were chasing him or out to get him," said Colton Cpl. Ray Mendez, of suspect detained Jason Lynn Barton, 38, of Moreno Valley.

Shay Little, KRCR News

REDDING, Calif. -Redding Police have arrested a man they say ran from them in a stolen car and later resisted arrest.

Tuesday at midnight, officers saw a black 2006 Audi SD traveling in the area of Lake Boulevard and Hilltop Drive. The Audi matched the description of a previously stolen car and was confirmed stolen by the license plate.


Chris Isidore and Robert Mclean, CNN

The University of California is taking its money out of prisons.

Student activists won a victory by convincing the University of California to dump nearly $30 million in stock in for-profit prison companies.

The Afrikan Black Coalition argued that the prisons and the university were profiting from the over-criminalization of minorities.