Monday, December 28, 2015

Daily Corrections Clips


The Associated Press

SACRAMENTO – Gov. Jerry Brown has promoted a corrections staffer as the next secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.
Brown’s office announced Monday that Undersecretary of Operations Scott Kernan would take over leadership of the prison system.

 Current Secretary Jeffrey Beard said earlier this month that he would depart the post on Jan. 1.

Don Thompson, The Associated Press

SACRAMENTO – Some of California’s most dangerous inmates could be getting more sleep under an agreement announced Thursday that requires guards to hold down the noise.

Dozens of prisoners complained that they were being kept awake around the clock by overnight welfare checks every half-hour.

Don Thompson, The Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California's high-tech solution to rid prisons of illegal cellphones may be unable to keep up with advances in technology quickly enough, so state officials have stopped plans to expand it to more prisons, officials told The Associated Press.

Inmates are not allowed to have cellphones because authorities say they can be used to coordinate attacks, and harass victims and witnesses. California began installing devices four years ago to prevent unauthorized cellphone signals from reaching their destination, effectively turning contraband phones into paperweights.


Sally Schilling, Vacaville Reporter

Kris Himmelberger, 41, of Cupertino, walked up onto a stage in front of a strange mix of people.

Himmelberger, an inmate in California State Prison, Solano, stood before a row of entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley executives. Behind the executives sat about 100 of his fellow inmates.

Sarah Kirby, Siskiyou Daily

FORT JONES – An inmate that walked away from the Deadwood Conservation Camp in Fort Jones is being sought by law enforcement.

The Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office said that on Saturday, Daniel Fidler, who is from Humboldt County, left the camp, which is located on McAdams Creek Rd. in Fort Jones.

Rose Troup Buchanan, The Independent

Prisoners in the US have answered questions from the public about what their day-to-day life is actually like.

The Last Mile training programme works with inmates incarcerated in San Quentin prison, California, publishing their responses to questions from the public on the social platform.


Rachel Zentz, Salinas Californian

The Soledad Police Department held its sixth annual Cops Giving Tree on Dec. 18 at the Soledad Community Center for disadvantaged youth and their families.

Members of the department joined the Soledad Unified School District, California State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s Correctional Training Facility, Salinas Valley State Prison and Lion’s Club to provide the meal and gifts. This year, inmate activity groups from CTF and Salinas Valley State Prison donated money towards the event.


Officials have downgraded the size of last week's sewage spill from the California Men's Colony (CMC), saying now approximately 70,000 gallons leaked out, down from the original estimate of 85,000 gallons.

Henry Cervantez, litigation coordinator at CMC, who is filling in this week for the PIO, said only about 10,000 gallons of what spilled leaked into nearby Chorro Creek Friday.

Patrick S. Pemberton, San Luis Obispo Tribune

A 72,000-gallon sewage spill at the California Men’s Colony was caused by inmates throwing trash into toilets, a spokesman for the prison said Tuesday.

But the spill has since been cleaned by CMC staff and minimum-security inmates, he said.


Paige St. John, LA Times

Actor Robert Downey Jr., who spent time behind bars in the late 1990s on drug convictions, received a Christmas Eve pardon from Gov. Jerry Brown, effectively removing a black mark from the movie star's checkered past.

The actor was one of 91 people to whom the governor granted clemency for past crimes, most of them minor drug offenses that no longer are felonies under California law, as well as robbery and burglary. It has become an annual Christmas Eve tradition: official proclamations for men and women who previously served time for mostly nonviolent crimes.


Contra Costa Times editorial

Racism, targeting, social isolation and inside coaching on how to evade investigations.

Although this may sound like just another day at most Bay Area high schools, it is far more serious than that.

According to the state Office of the Inspector General, this is, in fact, just another day at High Desert State Prison in Susanville. A scathing report released last week depicts such behaviors as a regular part of the prison's culture.