Monday, December 14, 2015

Daily Corrections Clips


AP Exclusive: California sex offenders exempt from ban on housing location

By Don Thompson, Associated Press

Sacramento — Three-quarters of California's paroled sex offenders previously banned from living near parks, schools and other places where children congregate now face no housing restrictions after the state changed its policy in response to a court ruling that said the prohibition only applies to child molesters, according to data compiled at the request of The Associated Press.
The rate is far higher than officials initially predicted. The state expected half of the 5,900 parolees would have restrictions on where they can live or sleep lifted when the corrections department changed its policy following the March ruling. Instead, data shows that 76 percent of offenders no longer are subject to the voter-approved restrictions.

‘Operation Vigilance’ finds most sex offenders in compliance

By Special to The Enterprise, the Davis Enterprise

Yolo County law enforcement officers conducted surprise compliance checks on more than 340 sexual offenders last week and found 98 percent of them following the guidelines of their release, District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced.
“Operation Vigilance” is a program that began seven years ago with the goal of protecting Yolo County citizens by ensuring that sex offenders who live in the county are complying with all laws and probation directives.


Catching Contraband With Enhanced Tools, K9s At SCC

By Tori James, MyMotherLode

Jamestown, CA — If you can imagine how handy it would be if your dog could be trained to locate your misplaced cellphone by sniffing it out, figure how prison officials feel as K9s with that ability help them shutdown gang-related phone communications in state prisons.
Dogs with specialized skills, including the ability to sniff for cellphones, various drugs and tobacco, are among the enhanced tools now detecting and deflecting contraband from entry at the Sierra Conservation Center (SCC).


San Joaquin County was swarming with law enforcement officers Wednesday and Thursday with 10 teams of 10 officers each looking for felons paroled back into the community by checking their residences in a search for criminal activity.
It was Operation Safe Holidays VIII 2015 designed to suppress robberies and violent crimes which normally increase throughout the holiday season within the county.  The county probation department and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation provided lists of subjects on active parole.  The information was utilized to design and execute county-wide preemptive parole and probation searches in anticipation of reducing criminal active throughout the month.


Faster Executions or None at All? California Voters May Get to Choose

Scott Shafer, KQED NEWS

If there’s one thing supporters and opponents of the death penalty can agree on, it’s this: The system is broken.
Since California reinstated capital punishment in 1977, 117 death row inmates have died. But only 15 of them have been executed. The vast majority have died of natural causes or suicide.


By Meghan Keneally, ABCNews

A California woman -- a worker with the state's Corrections Department -- is under investigation after being filmed while allegedly attacking a group of Muslim men as they prayed in a San Francisco Bay-area park, authorities said.
One of the alleged victims filmed the incident, which happened in Lake Chabot Regional Park on Sunday, four days after the San Bernardino shooting.