Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Daily Corrections Clips


Nicole Spector, Today

It's not uncommon for the children of famous entertainers to follow in their parents' footsteps. Zak Williams, son of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams, is, in a sense, doing just that. There's one big difference though: Zak Williams isn't in showbiz.

Instead, Williams is focused on making a positive difference in the world by bringing financial literacy education to at-risk communities. The 32-year-old San Franciscan, who holds an MBA from Columbia University, is currently focused on society's least privileged people: prisoners. Williams co-teaches a weekly class to incarcerated individuals at San Quentin State Prison.


LOWER LAKE (KCBS) — Nearly 1,200 inmate firefighters are helping in the battle against the Rocky Fire, which has now charred nearly 70,000 acres and is 85 percent contained.

Along Highway 20, not far from Clearlake Oaks, a saw team in orange jumpsuits was clearing the fire line recently.

Nathan Navarez, from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Washington Rich Crew Five, explains the process.

“Then the rest of the crew comes behind them and clears out all the stubs, and gets everything down to bare soil so that way the fire has no more fuel to burn.”

David Middlecamp, San louis Obispo Tribune

Rarely is a ranking official in the Sheriff’s Department asked for an opinion about a case under trial; less often is a response given for the record.

“My opinion is they’re suicidal. … They’re just hostile, vile people,” said Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Arne Goble.
He was talking about brothers Dennis and Douglas Escobar.

Goble made the comment after an Aug. 12, 1988, courtroom scuffle in which a handcuffed.
Dennis Escobar grabbed bailiff Robin Weckerly’s pistol and his brother, Douglas Escobar, jumped up to assist.


The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday on spending $100 million on a swath of proposals designed to reduce the number of mentally ill inmates in county jails.

The supervisors set aside a combined $30 million in in general funds already during the last two budget cycles for that purpose. 

By Sam Hananel, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Prison reform advocates who have spent years campaigning against solitary confinement are counting on a powerful new ally in their quest to end the practice — Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Earlier this summer, Kennedy took the unusual step of condemning long-term solitary confinement, writing a separate opinion in a California death penalty case that had nothing to do with the issue.

It wasn't the first time Kennedy had spoken out on the topic. He testified before Congress in March that American prisons rely too much on holding inmates in isolation and said it "literally drives men mad."

But the tone of his June 18 opinion surprised many civil liberties groups with its almost explicit call for a fresh legal challenge to the practice of keeping prisoners in "a windowless cell no larger than a typical parking spot for 23 hours a day."

Patrick S. Pemberton, The Tribune
A prison guard will be sentenced next month for pointing a loaded gun at a motorist during a road rage incident near Paso Robles.

Anthony James Behrens, 53, was convicted by a jury Friday of brandishing a weapon at a person in a motor vehicle, a felony, and unlawful laser activity, a misdemeanor. After attorneys offered closing arguments, the jury deliberated a little more than an hour before reaching its verdict.