Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Daily Corrections Clips


Ed Joyce, Capital Public Radio News

The California Arts Council has awarded contracts to 10 organizations that provide arts programs for inmates. The money for the pilot program, $2.5 million, comes from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Craig Watson is the director of the California Arts Council. He says the programs help prisoners reintegrate into society "in a much better way."

"The vast majority of prisoners will someday be our neighbors, in one or more communities of California, and so we need to be thinking about that and providing all the avenues to improve their potential for success," says Watson. "And the arts is a proven tactic for improving their state of mind, their self-esteem and the preparation for being a potentially productive member of society."


Kyung Lah and Jason Kravarik, CNN

(CNN)In Hollywood, there's no better magnet for stargazing than a movie premiere. So on a Sunday afternoon in late June, the summer sun couldn't keep thousands of fans from lining Hollywood Boulevard, hoping to spot a star.

This was the "Terminator Genisys" premiere, and only one star mattered: Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former governor of California shook hands, signed autographs and posed for selfies. It's the kind of personal attention Fred and Kathy Santos wish they could get from Schwarzenegger, who they say stole justice from their dead son.

"He plays a hero in the movies, yet in real life he's not a hero," Fred Santos said. "He's a dirty politician."