Thursday, June 25, 2015

Daily Corrections Clips


Gary Klien, Marin Independent Journal

Gov. Jerry Brown has appointed a 20-year corrections veteran as the new warden of San Quentin State Prison, the oldest and most famous of California’s penitentiaries.

Ronald Davis, 45, has been acting warden since December while his appointment was being vetted. The prison has had about three dozen wardens since it opened in 1852, along with numerous acting wardens.

Jessica Rogness, The Reporter

Vacaville police, California State Prison personnel, California Highway Patrol and Dixon police will continue to run the Special Olympics torch through Solano County today.

At 12 p.m. today, employees of the Vacaville Police Department will be participating in the 2015 Law Enforcement Torch Run which benefits Northern California Special Olympics.

Dianne de Guzman, Vallejo Times-Herald

For Special Olympics athlete Erick Silva, the torch run is an event he’s been excited about for weeks.

Silva and fellow athlete Joey Capp were escorted by members of the Benicia and Vallejo Police departments as they started the first leg of the Special Olympics torch run in Solano County on Wednesday. The torch will make its way through Solano County and continue to the Opening Ceremonies held at the University of California, Davis on Friday.


Jessica Pishko, racked

On Orange is the New Black, the prison uniform is a source of immediate discussion in episode one, when the main character, Piper (Taylor Schilling), is informed that she must wear orange until her new get-up arrives. Orange is for newbies; regulation khaki for regulars. It is a sign of Piper’s middleclass attitude that she balks at the boxy, ugly uniform in the brightest orange imaginable. Another inmate tells the new meat, "Don’t be so quick to want to lose the orange, because you’d just blend in with the beige."

The creators of the show acknowledged that, while based on real uniforms, their costumes were specifically tailored for the interior world of the show. Jenn Rogien, who was also responsible for the clothing on HBO’s Girls, said in an interview that, while the color-cast system on Orange is invented, the clothing was sourced from places that make real prison fashion, in an attempt to be authentic—mixed with some "contraband" items.