Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Daily Corrections Clips

Note: There was an error in one of the articles included in yesterday’s CDCR STAR. The inmate population of Ironwood State Prison at the time of the TEDx event in May was 2,998, not 3,280 as was written.


Walkaway from Julius Klein Conservation Camp Apprehended 

Azusa, CA – California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) officials announced today that inmate Kevin Shann, 40, was taken back into custody late Saturday evening May 31, approximately six days after he was discovered missing from the minimum-security Julius Klein Conservation Camp #19.  

Shann was taken into custody by Santa Monica Police officers at approximately 9:25 p.m. for burglary. Shann walked away from the Julius Klein Camp some time before a routine security check at 11:25 p.m. Sunday, May 25. Shann will be returned to CDCR.

Inmate Shann was committed to CDCR from San Diego County for a four-year sentence for first-degree burglary .  He was scheduled to be released in August 2016.  This matter will be referred to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution of escape.

Since 1977, 98.5 percent of all offenders who escaped from an adult institution, camp, or community-based program have been apprehended.

Note: The federal court has not ordered CSP-Solano or any individual CDCR prison to reduce its inmate population; the court ordered the population of the system as a whole to be reduced. Also, the court has ordered the population to be reduced to 137.5 percent of design capacity, not 133 percent.

Solano grand jury recommends decreasing CSP-Solano's population
Report praises efforts by staff, offers suggestions
Catherine Mijs, The Reporter

After two visits at California State Prison-Solano, the Solano County grand jury is urging administrators to decrease the prison's population by 15 percent to comply with federal court orders, and recommends installing a Live Scan in the Receiving and Release Department.

The findings come from a report released Monday by the grand jury, in which it also praised the efforts and enthusiasm of staff in maintaining the Vacaville prison and encouraged the expansion of the facility's California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA) operations to employ more inmates.


Report warns of problems as more inmates leave US prisons without parole supervision
Associated Press

NEW YORK –  Increasing numbers of prison inmates nationwide are serving their full sentences and then going free without any supervision by parole or probation officers, according to a new report which says the trend is worrisome.

"These inmates do not have any legal conditions imposed on them ... and do not receive the assistance that can help them lead crime-free lives," says the report, released Wednesday by the Pew Charitable Trusts.