Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Daily Corrections Clips


NOTE: The author of this story has been informed that the population at Ironwood State Prison at the time of the TEDx event was 2,998 – not 3,280, as reported here.

Something Extraordinary Is Happening at Ironwood State Prison
Scott Budnick, The Huffington Post

I know a good movie when I see one, but recently I had a day that was more fascinating, inspiring and compelling than the greatest of films. And every minute of it was real.

Picture driving on a desolate two-lane road, past one low flat building after another, before seeing the tall steel fences and razor wire that signal your destination: a maximum security prison, blazing hot, in the middle of the desert, not far from the border between California and Arizona, an hour past the sunny vacation destination of Palm Springs.


Judge grants class action status to inmates' solitary confinement case
Paige St. John, The Los Angeles Times

A federal judge in Oakland has granted inmates in solitary confinement at Pelican Bay State Prison class action status in their claims of unconstitutional treatment.

The inmates allege physical and psychological abuse when California puts inmates in Pelican Bay's windowless isolation cells. The prisoners are confined 22 hours a day and, in some cases, have been in solitary for years and decades at a time.


18-year-old Fresno gang member gets 75 years for killing rival
Pablo Lopez, The Fresno Bee

An 18-year-old Fresno gang member was sentenced Monday to 75 years to life in prison for killing a rival and wounding the rival's brother in a drive-by shooting two years ago.

In announcing the sentence, Fresno County Superior Court Judge Arlan Harrell told teenager Marquise Leavy to mature in prison so he could be a productive citizen one day.

California inmates on contraband watch accuse officials of human rights abuse
Shane Bauer, the guardian

In 2009, California High Desert state prison inmate Michael Bloom was put in a small cage and told to strip naked. Two correctional officers put his boxers on backwards and taped them to his body, wrapping the tape around his waist and thighs numerous times.

Then they put a second pair of underwear on him, facing the front, and taped those to his body. They dressed him in a jumpsuit and wound tape around his ankles, waist, thighs, and biceps. Then they put another jumpsuit on him, backwards, and taped it the same way. His legs were chained to one another at the ankles and his wrists were shackled to a chain around his waist.