Thursday, September 5, 2013

Daily Corrections Clips


CDCR Secretary Jeff Beard Issues Statement on End of Hunger Strike

SACRAMENTO— As of this morning, all participants of the prison hunger strike have started taking state-issued meals or have otherwise begun the process of re-feeding. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Secretary Jeff Beard issued the following statement today regarding the end of the strike:

“We are pleased this dangerous strike has been called off before any inmates became seriously ill. I’d like to commend my staff and the staff with the federal Receiver’s Office for working together to ensure the health and safety of all employees and inmates was a top priority. CDCR will continue to implement the substantive reforms in California’s Security Housing Units that we initiated two years ago.”


State Senate panel backs plan to increase rehab as way to reduce California prison population
Don Thompson, Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, California — Democrats in the state Senate on Wednesday backed a plan to spend $200 million this year on rehabilitation programs instead of renting thousands of cells in private prisons and county jails to meet a federal court demand that California reduce its inmate population.

Darrell Steinberg says he's willing to spend some on prison beds
Laura Rosenhall, Sacramento Bee

Senate leader Darrell Steinberg signaled willingness to compromise Wednesday on plans for reducing California prison overcrowding as Gov. Jerry Brown continued to criticize his fellow Democrat's approach.

Problems with both plans to reduce California prison crowding, analyst says

Laurel Rosenhall, The San Luis Obispo Tribune

The Legislative Analyst's Office says there are problems with both plans the Legislature is considering in a bid to meet a court order to relieve crowding in California prisons by the end of this year.


California inmates told: get ready to move
Paige St. John, Los Angeles Times

SACRAMENTO — Without waiting for funding or approval from the Legislature, Gov. Jerry Brown's prison administration has told inmates that it has begun preparations to move thousands of them to private lockups, including prisons out of state.

Prison hunger-strike leaders to call for end of protest
Paige St. John, Los Angeles Times

SACRAMENTO -- The leaders of California’s prison hunger strike are preparing to call for its end after two months of protest, an action that won only minor concessions in scattered prisons but also the promise of legislative hearings on the state's use of inmate isolation.

Calif. Lawmakers Promise Hearings, Call for End to Prison Hunger Strike

Jorge Rivas, ABC News

As a hunger strike across California prisons enters a third month, two state legislators are vowing to hold hearings to address inmates' complaints and break a stalemate with prison officials.

California prisons extend same-sex marriage rights to inmates
Rina Palta, KPCC

Inmates have long enjoyed the right to get married while incarcerated. Now, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court striking down Proposition 8 – the state's ban on gay marriage – prisoners in California will be allowed to marry their same-sex partners.

Man convicted of killing stepdaughters gets life without parole
Jill Cowan, Los Angeles Times

A man convicted of killing two of his stepdaughters during a 2006 birthday celebration for one of the victims was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole.


California bill would give ex-cons sentenced under realignment chance to expunge conviction

Erika Aguilar, KPCC

Some employment applications ask candidates if he or she has ever been convicted of a felony. A state bill up for vote this week would allow a former jail inmate sentenced under realignment to ask a judge to expunge their criminal conviction, which would allow them to technically answer "no" on private employment applications.


AB 109: A rare opportunity for thoughtful criminal justice

Tom Hoffman, CAFWD.ORG

As a 33 year veteran of CA law enforcement, I watch the evolving statewide implementation, and the associated debate around AB 109 (Parole Realignment), with great interest and fascination. My career spanned 30 years in municipal law enforcement, serving in both southern and northern California. In July 2006, I was appointed the Director of the Department of Adult Parole Operations (DAPO) for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). I, like the vast majority of police leaders, understood very little about the science, research and complexities of re-entry and parole supervision. To say the subsequent seven years have been eye-opening and tremendously interesting is a vast understatement. 

Viewpoints: Governor’s plan on prisons protects the progress of realignment
Linda Penner, The Sacramento Bee

Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature enacted massive changes to the penal system in 2011. The bipartisan plan the governor recently proposed to comply with a federal court order to reduce the inmate population cap is the only plan to ensure the success of those changes and help pave the way for more thoughtful reforms to come.