Thursday, August 29, 2013

Daily Corrections Clips


California Men's Colony's new mental health center is open

Julia Hickey and AnnMarie Cornejo, The San Luis Obispo Tribune

A new correctional treatment center on the grounds of the California Men’s Colony began admitting patients Monday, and by Wednesday was serving 18 inmates suffering from mental health crises. 

PRISONS: Norco facility will stay open, governor says

The change in plans get mixed reactions. It’s an “old, antique hotel,” the mayor complains
Jim Miller and Peter Fischetti, Press Enterprise

SACRAMENTO — California Rehabilitation Center in Norco would remain open indefinitely under a proposal by Gov. Jerry Brown and most legislative leaders, meant to satisfy federal judges’ concerns about prison overcrowding and avert the court-ordered release of thousands of inmates.

Governor, fellow Democrats in California Senate spar over plans to lower inmate population

Don Thompson, Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, California — In a direct slap to Gov. Jerry Brown, his fellow Democrats in the state Senate on Wednesday rejected his plan for dealing with California's prison crisis, throwing the state's response to a federal court order into chaos.

California prison crowding plan neglects rehabilitation: lawmaker
Sharon Bernstein, Reuters

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A plan by California Governor Jerry Brown to ease prison crowding by leasing space in county jails and private lockups came under fire Wednesday from lawmakers who advocate spending more for rehabilitation and mental health services.

Capitol Alert: Steinberg's prison plan asks for 3 more years to reduce population
Laurel Rosenhall, The Fresno Bee

California would get three more years to reduce its prison population to court-mandated levels while counties would get $200 million a year to expand drug treatment and mental health care for criminal offenders under a proposal Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg unveiled today that calls for settling a long-standing lawsuit against the state over its crowded prisons.

3 competing plans address Calif. prison crowding
The Associated Press

State officials are feuding over three competing proposals to comply with a federal court order by reducing the inmate population in California prisons, including two contradictory plans offered by Gov. Jerry Brown. The Democratic governor previously said the state could not afford to lease additional prison cells, but earlier this week proposed doing just that as a last-minute alternative to releasing 9,600 inmates by the end of the year. Highlights of the three plans:


Inmate assaulted California correctional officer
Anne Stegan, 23ABC News

SOLEDAD, Calif. - A correctional officer is being treated for injuries he suffered from an attack by a Salinas Valley State Prison inmate Wednesday, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

The Internet Explained By Prisoners Who Have Never Seen It
Prisoners serving long sentences have never been online. This is what they think it’s like.
Justine Sharrock, Buzz Feed

It is illegal for U.S. prisoners to go on the internet. Most prisoners who have been serving long sentences in prison have never been online. Some inmates have managed to go online through illegally smuggled cell phones. But most of them haven’t tried out smartphones, apps, or instant messaging. Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp are vague concepts. The idea that apps can know where you are or remember your information sounds like sci-fi. They hear about these things from friends, television, and magazines, but it’s hard to conceive what they are and how they have transformed the world.


Notorious Pillowcase Rapist to be released in L.A. County

Christina Villacorte, Los Angeles Daily News

A man who raped 38 women over decades throughout California is coming back to Los Angeles — the scene of many of his crimes — after the state Supreme Court late Wednesday denied prosecutors’ attempts to keep him under lock and key at a state mental hospital.


Alameda County plans ex-prisoner help center, but where to put it?
Matt O’Brien, San Jose Mercury News

OAKLAND -- Alameda County officials want to launch a $3 million state-of-the-art center to guide ex-criminals back on their feet, away from trouble and toward jobs and housing. First, though, they need a place to put it.

Sheriff Brown Says North County Jail Ahead of Schedule

Keith Carls, Central Coast News

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY - Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown says an independent review on the overcrowded County Jail and jail staff working conditions reveals growing pressure from the state's controversial prison realignment program.


Our Voice: Releasing dangerous convicts in California is no option
The Desert Sun Editorial Board

The Desert Sun has long supported Gov. Jerry Brown’s steadfast refusal to release more prisoners in defiance of federal court orders. This week, he found a way to compromise without creating a greater risk to public safety.

Dan Walters: New moves in California's old penal game
The Sacramento Bee

Eight months ago, while asking federal judges to modify an order to reduce overcrowding in the state's prisons, Gov. Jerry Brown uttered these words: "We can't pour more and more money down the rat hole of incarceration. We have to spend as much as we need, but no more, and I think we've hit that point."