Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Daily Corrections Clips


California To Move Inmates Over Valley Fever
Don Thompson, Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — State corrections officials said Tuesday they will comply with a federal court order to move thousands of inmates out of two Central Valley prisons where an airborne fungus has led to widespread illnesses.

Inmates to be moved from two prisons because of valley fever threat
Denny Walsh, The Sacramento Bee 

California corrections officials announced Tuesday they will comply with a federal judge's order to move inmates at risk of contracting valley fever out of two San Joaquin Valley prisons.
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Inside the SHU Part 4: Changes
SHU reforms are under way, but how far will they go?
Anthony Skeens, The Del Norte Triplicate

Antonio Guillen stares through a visitation window at Pelican Bay State Prison and speaks of spirituality.

His brown eyes are intense, his voice deep. He says he doesn’t fear death.

Jury returns verdicts of death in prison murder

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) -- A jury has returned death verdicts for two Tehachapi prison inmates who murdered a fellow inmate in May 2009.


First-ever County Inmate Hand Crew will help fight fires in local area
Alejandro Cano, Fontana Herald News

In an attempt to better serve the local area in cases of emergency, San Bernardino County officials announced the first-ever County Inmate Hand Crew program during a press conference held at Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center in Devore last week.

Millions of residents had personal info exposed
Dan Nakaso, Woodland Daily Democrat

In the first report of its kind, state Attorney General Kamala Harris said 2.5 million Californians had Social Security numbers, credit card and bank accounts and other sensitive information exposed in 131 data breaches.

Sullivan: No Triplicate in prison
Jessica Cejnar, Del Norte Triplicate

County Supervisor Mike Sullivan says he wants to keep Pelican Bay State Prison inmates from receiving the Del Norte Triplicate. 

At the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, Sullivan said some of his constituents, including correctional officers and non-prison employees, have brought their concerns to him about why inmates are able to receive the paper. 

Violence on the rise in California’s county jails  
State’s prison realignment plan leaves local lockups more dangerous
Kristopher Anderson, Lode News Sentinel

When the state Legislature passed a realignment plan in 2011, they hoped to reduce overcrowding in California’s prisons. But since its adoption, there has been an alarming unintended consequence: Violence in county jails throughout the state has soared.

Serious felons filling county’s two jails
Part one of a two-part series
Darleen Principe, Thousand Oaks Acorn

An estimated 117 state parolees may be released early onto the streets of Ventura County by the end of this year, following a federal court order made to Gov. Jerry Brown last month to release nearly 10,000 inmates to ease prison overcrowding in California.


Mercury News editorial: California Must Comply With Court Order on Overcrowded Prisons
Mercury News

Republican Abel Maldonado is making noise about running for governor on an anti-crime platform, believing Gov. Jerry Brown may be vulnerable on the mess that is the California prison system.