Friday, July 19, 2013

Daily Corrections Clips


'Living tombs': Thousands of California inmates protest solitary confinement with hunger strike
Erin McClam, NBC News

For some California inmates believed to be involved with prison gangs, home is a 7½-by-12-foot box — with no windows, no roommates and no idea how many years they’ll be in isolation.

Sacto 911 update: Inmate hunger strikers protest treatment as numbers dwindle
Sam Stanton, The Sacramento Bee

Supporters of state prison inmates taking part in a hunger strike complain that inmate leaders have been moved to more isolated areas and prevented from meeting with one of their attorneys.

Little recourse for attorney barred from visiting California prisoners during hunger strike
Julie Small, KPCC

Four California prisoners required medical treatment and a fifth was referred to a physician on the 11th day of a hunger strike to protest the long-term isolation of inmates, health care officials said Thursday.


Inmate in Vacaville prison granted parole

Catherine Bowen Mijs,

The family of a slain narcotics officer was dealt a "devastating" blow Thursday when Vacaville prison inmate Jeffry Cook was granted parole 34 years after killing the undercover officer during a sting.


Prison realignment: Republicans ought to be leading, not opposing, this trend
Garrick Percival, The Mercury News

With California's prison realignment plan firmly underway, Gov. Jerry Brown has chosen a hard line approach with federal overseers of the state's prison system. 

Most recently he balked at a mandate requiring the state, for constitutional reasons, to shrink the prison population by another 10,000 inmates.

County probation officers busy keeping eye on state parolees
Part two of a two-part series
Darleen Principe, Simi Valley Acorn

Besides filling Ventura County’s two jails with state prisoners and pushing the system to near capacity, realignment has also heaped a greater workload on the county’s 202 probation officers.

Santa Barbara County Law Enforcement Putting A Stop To Offenders Cutting GPS Devices
Christian Hartnett, Central Coast News

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - 40-year old Manuel Aceves is behind bars tonight after Santa Barbara Sheriff's say he cut off his GPS ankle bracelet. He was arrested yesterday, two weeks after he cut off the monitoring device, which he'd been wearing for several months. 

Prison realignment gets state scrutiny

An obscure state panel, the California State Sex Offender Management Board, has convened in Sacramento to study the social implications of the so-called prison realignment policy now being introduced by corrections officials. (Sacramento Bee)


The Reasons Behind the Slow Pace of Executions
Opponents of the death penalty have hit upon an effective tactic: Learn who is making the lethal drugs used in executions and publicly shame them. Now, death penalty states are fighting to make the names of the drugs a state secret.
Raymond Bonner, Pacific Standard

States that impose the death penalty have been facing a crisis in recent years: They are short on the drugs used in executions.

In California, which has the country’s largest death row population, the chief justice of the state supreme court has said there are unlikely to be any executions for three years, in part due to the shortage of appropriate lethal drugs. As a result, state prosecutors are calling for a return of the gas chamber.


People in the News
Central Valley Business Times

Kenneth Pogue, 45, of Shingle Springs, has been appointed assistant secretary for legislative affairs at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Mr. Pogue has been a deputy attorney general at the California Department of Justice since 1999. He was an associate attorney at the Law Offices of Porter Scott Weiberg and Delehant from 1997 to 1999 and was a contract attorney at the Law Office of Robert Tronvig in 1997 and a contract district attorney in the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office in 1996. 

This position does not require Senate confirmation and the compensation is $138,000. Mr. Pogue is a Democrat.

Police name suspect in deadly pot shop shooting


BAKERSFIELD - Police say two people are wanted in connection with a double homicide inside a medical marijuana collective. Both are considered armed and dangerous. Officers say the motive for Wednesday's shooting was robbery.