Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Daily Corrections Clips


Ginger Rutland: A rehab program for ex-cons the county should embrace
Ginger Rutland, The Sacramento Bee

Thirty-two-year-old Paul Coen is married, the father of three young daughters and a former member of the Oak Park Bloods – one of just a handful of whites to ever join that notorious street gang. Coen is also an ex-con.


Prison Realignment Money Bill Doesn't Survive Committee
Jasmine Viel, Central Coast News

SALINAS, Calif.- Senator Anthony Cannella's office said Monday his Realignment Reinvestment Act failed in the Senate Budget Committee, which would have provided additional funding for local law enforcement, jails and other services affected by the state's prison realignment plan. 

Victim’s Daughter Fighting AB109 Prison Realignment
Kathryn Herr, CBS 47 News

The man accused of killing a Fresno woman and stabbing a police officer was in court Monday.


Local students on guard at prison
Denise Ellen Rizzo

A group of West High School seniors got an inside look at what it takes to work behind the bars of Tracy’s rural prison on Tuesday, April 23.

Former Folsom Prison guard has big plans for new 'Big House' museum

Jan Ferris Heenan, The Sacramento Bee

Jim Brown was fresh out of the U.S. Army the first time the heavy metal gates of Folsom Prison slammed shut behind him. 

Walking death row at San Quentin State Prison
Nancy Mullane, KALW

San Quentin State Prison has four massive cell blocks, each identified by their cardinal direction: north, south, east, and west. Of the four, only one houses inmates sentenced to death. None of the cell blocks have been visited by a reporter since 2007.

ACLU holds town hall meeting on prison divestment
Jeremy Gordon, The Daily Californian

Student leaders working with the American Civil Liberties Union held a public forum Monday night to discuss the potential impact of reforming California’s criminal justice system on state funding for public education.


"Three-strike" lifers get a second chance in Calif. Prisons
Erin Moriarty, CBS News

(CBS News) FOLSOM, Ca. - California prisons are so overcrowded that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the conditions amount to cruel and unusual punishment. The state is caught between a tight budget and its "three strikes" law, which imposes a life sentence after convictions. Last Fall, voters approved a plan to release some of those lifers.

Receiver orders vulnerable inmates out of 2 California prisons to deal with fatal infections
Don Thompson, Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, California — The federal official who controls medical care in California prisons on Monday ordered thousands of high-risk inmates out of two Central Valley prisons in response to dozens of deaths due to Valley fever, which is caused by an airborne fungus.

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Riverside County to send inmates to fire camps

David Downey, UT San Diego

Riverside is the first California county to authorize sending would-be state prisoners that have landed in jail as a result of realignment to state-operated inmate fire camps, officials say.

Cal Fire crews hold preparedness exercises
Redwood Times

Cal Fire in conjunction with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) operates 39 conservation camps with approximately 200 fire crews throughout California. This partnership of state agencies provides a large force of trained crews for all types of emergency incident mitigation and resource conservation projects.

Off-duty officer foils suspected jail work crew escape
The Times-Standard

An off-duty police officer stopped a Humboldt County jail inmate from escaping from a roadside work crew near Cooper Gulch in Eureka on Friday.

Huy Urges Urgent Action on Indigenous Prisoners' Religious Freedom
Gale Courey Toensing, Indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com

In late February, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation issued a provisional emergency regulation denying indigenous prisoners access to items used in religious ceremony – sacred medicines like kinnikinnick, copal, and osha root; sacred pipes and pipe bags; drums and other instruments; water dippers; cloth for prayer ties; beads and beading supplies; animal hides and other objects.

Inmates posting reviews of prisons on Yelp
Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo News

“Not recommended.” When it comes to a firsthand prison review, do you really need to know anything other than that?

Believe it or not, that was the actual review from a Yelp user named “Ticha B.,” who reviewed California’s San Quentin State Prison. And for the record, she gave it only one star.