Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daily Corrections Clips


AM Alert: Gov. Jerry Brown addresses crime victims at Capitol
The Sacramento Bee

Crime and punishment is in the spotlight today. Against a backdrop of lawmakers seeking to limit the scope of prison realignment and Gov. Jerry Brown insisting California's prisons now pass constitutional muster, the relatives of crime victims are rallying in Sacramento.

How California Trains Its Future Tech Leaders
Matt Williams, Government Technology

More than 10,000 people work in information technology positions for the California state government. At any one time, only 130 of them are a CIO -- the top managerial IT position within a state agency. Longevity is undeniably one factor for making it into that select group. But some CIOs say a training program sponsored by the state also helped them along.

Bicycles and recidivism reduction
San Diego Reentry Roundtable working on bike program for ex-offenders
David Taube, The San Diego City Beat

Michael Herron, who's been busted in the past for peddling drugs, grins like a kid when he hears about a program that would give bikes to people who've been released from prison or jail.

Marisa Martinez, Heroic California Teen, Stops Sex Offender From Kidnapping Little Boy
Eleanor Goldberg, The Huffington Post

She’s just 13, but when Marisa Martinez saw a man trying to kidnap a little boy, she sprang into action and fought him off.

RIVERSIDE COUNTY: Jails could provide inmates to fire crews
Brian Rokos, The Press Enterprise

Riverside on Tuesday, April 23, could become the first county in the state to take advantage of a provision in the prison-population law that allows non-violent jail inmates to serve on state fire crews.

California drug criminals now half as likely to serve time in state prison
Phillip Reese, The San Luis Obispo Tribune

California has cut the number of prisoners in state facilities for drug convictions in half during the last two years, diverting thousands to local jails, new state figures show.

Should violent criminals go back to prison, instead of county jail?
AB 601 revamps realignment
Mike Leury, KCRA 3

Assembly Bill 601 is a revamp of realignment, California’s controversial plan to reduce prison overcrowding to comply with federal court orders.


'Three-strikes' prisoner wins release in wake of California's Proposition 36
Andy Furillo, The Sacramento Bee

In one of Sacramento's stickier "three-strikes" release cases, a judge resentenced a man with a homicide in his past to a new term Monday that should get him out of prison in the next two weeks.

Man convicted of 2008 Christmas Day slaying
Cathy Locke, The Sacramento Bee

A man who fled to Mexico in an attempt to avoid prosecution has been convicted of second-degree murder in the 2008 Christmas Day shooting death of 24-year-old Francisco Torres-Fernandez.


Why Isn't Randy Kraft Dead?
Thirty years after his arrest in Orange County, one of California’s deadliest and most depraved serial killers still lives and breathes on San Quentin’s death row. What’s wrong with this picture?
Patrick J. Kiger, Orange Coast Magazine

"Do you know the area around where Mission Viejo is, and all that?” Max Gambrel asks over the phone. “That’s where Kraft was apprehended. California Highway Patrol made the stop there.”