Friday, April 12, 2013

Daily Corrections Clips


A Day in the Life: Helping the Blind
CO at CMF runs Braille program
Dana Simas, Public Information Officer

When Correctional Officer Patrick Sahota arrives for work at the California Medical Facility (CMF) in Vacaville, he takes charge of running a small business, hoping that no disturbances disrupt his workforce. Officer Sahota supervises a select group of inmates who produce a product that has helped hundreds of visually impaired children and adults.


Camarillo college students help educate youth offenders
Jean Cowden Moore,

Like many young men his age, Daniel Ayala has high hopes for his future. Ayala, a college student with a brilliant smile, wants to be a history teacher.


Federal judges deny Calif. attempt to end court oversight of prison system; threaten contempt
Tom Verdin, Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, California — A federal judicial panel on Thursday denied Gov. Jerry Brown's request to lift a court-ordered prison population cap and threatened him and other state officials with contempt of court if they fail to comply.

Capitol Alert: Jerry Brown defiant of contempt of court threat in prison case
David Siders, Sacramento Bee

Gov. Jerry Brown said Friday his administration will not comply with a federal court order rejecting his effort to avoid reducing California's prison population, pledging to litigate "until the Supreme Court tells us that we're not on the right track."

Judges threaten Gov. Jerry Brown with contempt of court
Federal jurists demand Brown and the state quickly produce a plan to remove thousands of convicts from California's packed prisons. They reject Brown's bid to end court-ordered restrictions on the prisons.
Chris Megerian, Los Angeles Times

SACRAMENTO — A panel of federal judges Thursday threatened to hold Gov. Jerry Brown and other state officials in contempt of court if they do not quickly produce a plan to remove thousands of convicts from California's packed prisons.

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Are California Prisons Punishing Inmates Based On Race?
Christie Thompson, ProPublica

In several men’s prisons across California, colored signs hang above cell doors: blue for black inmates, white for white, red, green or pink for Hispanic, yellow for everyone else.


Seeking smarter rules for sex offenders
Janice Bellucci of Reform Sex Offender Laws believes offenders should go to prison. But after they get out, she wants them to have a chance to lead stable lives.
Gale Holland, Los Angeles Times

Janice Bellucci is a mother of two, the wife of a pastor and a former Girl Scout leader active in volunteer work.

CA sex offenders cutting off tracking bracelets
Nannette Miranda, KFSN - ABC News

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Shocking new statistics from the Department of Corrections show that nearly 5,000 sex offenders in California cut off their GPS tracking bracelets and were loose in our communities. That's how many warrants were issued between October 2011 and January of this year. 

Felony court cases nearly triple in Taft
Cris Ornelas, 23ABC

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -  Felony crime is way up in Taft. The Kern County District Attorney says crime is up all over the county, but it’s the worst in Taft.