Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daily Corrections Clips


Lackner: Fire Camps A Priority
B. J. Hansen,

Filling the various fire camps will be a top priority of the new Warden at Sierra Conservation Center.


Sheriff: Jury still out on realignment
Julie R. Johnson, Corning Observer

Sheriff Dave Hencratt said his office is continuing to deal with the effects of the state's prisoner realignment program, but is keeping the most serious offenders in custody while fostering public safety.

Verdict: Realign the system
Problems caused by arrangement between prison, jail need addressing

Clearly prison realignment needs some realignment.

Reports out last week show that former state prison inmates diverted into county lockups are generally sicker, which means more health care costs to the counties, and meaner, which means jailers increasingly are having to deal with problems that previously popped up most often in our state prisons.


Sacramento County probation officers have highest caseload in state
Brad Branan, The Sacramento Bee

Alan Rimington's history of gang activity shows in the ink that covers his body, right down to the threat marked over his eyes.

Gov. Jerry Brown's prison program blamed in fatal stabbing
San Bernardino County officials cite the case of a suspect who was killed by a CHP officer as proof that realignment is a failure. State officials say the blame is misplaced.
Phil Willon, Los Angeles Times

The case of a convicted felon who allegedly stabbed a woman to death at a Fontana park-and-ride has exposed flaws in Gov. Jerry Brown's controversial plan to give local governments responsibility for nonviolent prisoners, San Bernardino County authorities said Tuesday.


Editorial: State not done fixing prison mental health
The Sacramento Bee

An asylum of last resort. That is what California's state prisons have become for the seriously mentally ill since the state began emptying its state psychiatric hospitals in the late 1960s.